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Pored Marsa (umetnička predstava)


26th February 2004


7:15 Arrival of guests.

Handout of documentation.


7:40 Welcome address and message on VILSPA’s role in ROSETTA, by VILSPA Station Director, Mr. Valeriano Claros

7:55 Presentation of Rosetta Mission by ESA Project Scientist, Dr. Agustin Chicarro

8:15 Live Video transmission from Kourou

8:36 Live TV Transmission of the LAUNCH AN ARIANE 5 with the ROSETTA payload

8:50 Why does Europe fly to a comet? ( part 1 ) at ESOC

9:20 Press Interviews and Breakfast Buffet

10:00 Operational challenges and scientific expectations ( part 2 ) at ESOC

10:25 Live TV transmission of the ignition of Ariane upper stage

11:15 Presentation by Principal Investigator of ROSETTA in Spain, Dr. Rafael Rodrigo (IAA-CSIC): “Spanish participation on Rosetta Mission”

11:40 Break

12:00 Connection with ESOC. Rosetta launch and acquisition of signal

12:30 Fairwell from Station Director

End of event

(februar 2004.)