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Northern Sky Talk

Radio emisija sa vestima iz astronomije. Autor je Karol Pankowski, astronom iz Poljske. Emisija je na engleskom jeziku.



Episode 2: May 2008 - 4793 Kb MP3


Episode 1: October 2007 - 4303 Kb MP3


Emisiju možete preuzeti u obliku teksta ovde:

 Karol Pankowski about himself
I am Karol and I am from Lublin, Poland. I started actively playing with astronomy in 1988 after reading a book that was given to me as a Christmas present.

After reading several books I switched to magazines and then to the Internet. Ten years later, in 1998 I started my own astronomy column at a local newspaper and I also  published a few articles on astronomy in Polish magazines. I have recently revived my interest in books and I am dreaming of collecting astronomy books in various languages, preferrably from the 19th century and older. For now, I have a deep interest in astronomy software and history of astronomy. I also love listening to podcasts about observing and unmanned spaceflight.




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