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Andržej Karon

I just found out information about interesting occultation: the Moon in last quarter, will be cover Pleiades by its bright half, and uncover these stars by its dark half!

Most intersting are uncovers: when The Moon will uncover these stars - its will be apperar immediatelly!

This occultation will be best visible in Asia, but difficult to observing in Europe, because the Moon will be very low above horizon. Tommorow The Moon rising at 10:01pm LMT (during occultation), and this phenomenon will be ends at about 1:00 am (on Sunday), when The Moon will be only 14°-16° above horizon...

...but why don't try to observing? I checked in Web so the weather at weekend will be beautiful above Beograd and neighbourhood (like Novi Sad)!

Yours Sincerely

P.S. I sending descripcions of Pleiades' stars from my site, and below is the animation of this occultation, which I found in a polish Astronomical WWW:


Evo kako će čitav taj slučaj proteći sa naših geografskih širina:




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