Astronomski magazin

Astronomski magazin se obratio autoru programa Power Age, gospodinu Georgi Dragandjikovu, sa sledecih nekoliko pitanja.
1. How did you get the idea to make PA program? There are a lot of similar programs on Internet, and some of them are free?
 2. Do you intend to include in PA some other catalogs, like the now very popular Tycho 2, or PPM?
 3. Could you tell us something about next version of PA? Do you plan it?
 4. Oh, and this question was a request from our readers, what do you think about Star Trek and do you have it in Bulgaria??

Nakon nekoliko dana u nasu redakciju je stigao sledeci odgovor:

I apologize for the delay and thank you for the opportunity.

I'm amateur astronomer since 1987-88. The idea to make an astronomical software came about 1993 when I was in the army. But actually I started with the realization at September 1995. You can see that I couldn't be influenced from currently presented astro-programs. Actually "Dance Of The Planets" was my guide about what I had to do.

Power Age Sky Simulator 1.0 was released at June 1997 and it was a very completed and really nice 16-bit program. Power Age Sky Simulator have a long story and also PA is not a simple program like some"competing" programs. I don't think that there are many similar programs (I mean abilities and quality against the price). Also I don'tthink that the free programs can do real work.

PA v.3 will be released at June 2001. Generally I'm planing about v.3 to include 15 000 000 stars and telescope control feature. Of course there will be many new features but I can't predict them in details at this time.

For a pity we haven't Star Trek in Bulgaria.

Georgi Dragandjikov