"The Struggle to Find the Ninth Planet" by Clyde W. Tombaugh
This is a story written by the man who discovered Pluto, about his trials in the search. It is truly facinating for Pluto buffs.
Teacher curriculum guides on Pluto. Great Stuff. Check This one out!
This is a page of curriculum guides for teachers. It covers Pluto and the Pluto Express mission. The material is very informative, with games, lessons and the like. Everyone who is interested should take a look at this page.
Excellent Pluto Facts.
This is a good page with lots of interesting facts about Pluto as well as some great pictures. It is a part of the "Overview of the Planets" page, which also contains interesting material about our Solar system.
fantastic page with good facts and pictures.
This page has some great pictures which compliment well orginized data tables. This is definately a page worth looking into for some general info on pluto ranging from novice to expert.
"Pluto homepage" much interesting info. great page!
This page has numerous pictures, and lots of info. It is one of the best general information pages I've found. Definately check this one out!
papers on Pluto Express Mission
This page has reports and papers written by scientists on the Pluto express mission. The information provides a better knowledge of what's going on. Check it out, it's worth your time.
lots of good stuff here!
This is the Photo gallery from NSSDC on our solar system. it has fact sheets, Photos, FAQ's, and the like. Check it out.
Colorado Space Grant College's Pluto Page. Very well Done.
This page from Colorado Space Grant College (CSGC) is among the finest I have seen in the way of Web Pages. It has a gorgeous GUI for Pluto, plus links to the CSGC home page , where you can find info on numerous topics. Enjoy.
good page w/ lots of info about Jet Propulsion Labs' "Pluto Express Mission"
This is one of many pages of info from Jet Propulsion Labs and NASA(National Aeronautics and Space Administration) about the pending Fast Fly By mission to pluto. Lots of good info about "Pluto Express."
Info on Pluto Stamp, collectors check this one out!
This page of information is about the story of the Pluto postage stamp. Unless you are interested in stamps don't bother.
Student observations of SAO 140853 appulse
This page is student observations of the Pluto appulse of SAO 140853. It is very good material.
Good info plus a picture of the Pluto Express FFB spacecraft mockup.
This is a decent page about students working with the possible Pluto Express mission. check out the Space craft mockup picture.
Info on Pluto Express Mission Team.
This is information on the members of the Pluto express mission team. Their names, professions, etc. Very enjoyable if you are interested in the possible mission.
good info and pics.
This is a list of good information and pictures on pluto. It has great hypertext links. Give it a look.
Good page of Observations of Pluto's appulse of SAO 140853 from Padova Observatory
Recently Pluto appulsed (blocked the light of) celestial body SAO 140853. This page from Padova Observatory tells of their observations of this occurance.
Lots of info on solar system.
This goes beyond the planet overview, giving information on each planet. However Pluto information is limited.
info on name and Pluto express
This is a page of info on the naming of our ninth planet, and the mission that will bring us closer in our understanding of Pluto.
press release from JPL & NASA
This press release is public information on the Appulse (blocking of light) of SAO 140853 by Pluto. It is a fairly dull page.
interesting info....but not much else.
This page is just a bunch of information that looks like a lot of jibberish. Some of it is OK, but there are no explanations to it in the visual department. If you enjoy flat information on a page, with no visual or kinesthetic aids, take a gander.