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November 9th, 2000.

Dear collegues,

Some of you have been expecting this letter, while for a large number, it comes as a complete surprise. Let us explain its origin and purpose. 

In the second half of September 2000, the Astronomical Observatory in Belogradchik (Bulgaria) hosted the Balkan Meeting of Young Astronomers. The idea of the meeting was to put into "interaction" relatively young people from the Balkan countries who are either finishing their university studies of astronomy (but also physics and related sciences) or who have already embarked on research careers in space science. 

Several round table discussions of the "seniors" were held during the meeting, with the general aim or reviewing common problems and possible strategies for solving them. It turned out that although we live in countries which are geographically slose to each other,we miss a very simple thing: exchange of information about activities, achievements, problems and their solutions in astronomy (and related sciences) in our countries. 

It was proposed by one of us (V.Celebonovic) that an electronic "information letter" should be created,with the aim of establishing a 
quick,efficient and cheap channle for information exchange between all those 
engaged in some form of space related research in our countries.This text makes 
the beginning of the realisation of this idea.

We think that the "Information letter on Balkan Astronomy" (ILBA 
for short) should deal with all possible problems encountered in research:
possibilities for joint work,problems with financing,equipement,publications,
databanks,students,.. On the strictly scientific side,ILBA should contain lists 
of papers published by authors from the Balkan countries in scientific 
journals,or perhaps even short abstracts.All contributions should be brief and 
contain contact data ( addresses,e-mail adresses,url's,..).At first,it could be 
prepared as plain text (all of us do not have the same software) but later we 
could change to Word,LaTeX or whatever.

What do we expect from all of you?
Two things:
- Give us your impressions about the idea.Is it worth,how often should ILBA be 
issued,how should it be distributed,etc..
- If you agree with the idea,please start sending us information on space 
research and related activities in your countries.
Looking forward to her from you,
The "initiating editors":

Dr.Milcho Tsvetkov Vladan Celebonovic
Sofia Sky Archive Data Center Institute of Physics
72 Tsarigradsko Shosse Blvd. Pregrevica 118
Sofia 1784 11080 Zemun-Beograd
Bulgaria Yugoslavia 
tel: +359 2 9744 835 fax: +381 11 3162190