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November 1, 2003
 Number  20


Dear collegues,

ILBA is back after a considerable pause provoked mainly by excessively hot summer in our geographical region. In the meantime information has arrived about several events related to space science, so this issue of ILBA will (hopefully) be useful and informative.


The last issue of ILBA contained a detailed report on the summer school held this summer in Belogradchik. Due to a sad misunderstanding, the list of lecturers given in that issue of our newsletter is not complete. With our excuses to all our readers, this issue of ILBA contains a complete list of lecturers at the school, as they were given in the program. The list of projects which were defended at the school and allocated observing time is not repeated here, as it is correctly given in ILBA19. The titles of the lectures, and the titles of the lecturers are reproduced below as they were given in the program.

Lecturer Title

Prof.M.Stavinschi Astronomical Time
Prof.O.Demircan Present Astronomy in Turkey
Dr.V.Celebonovic Basic Notions of Dense Matter Physics:Applications In Astronomy
Prof.P.Niarchos Future of the Small Telescope Astronomy
P.Pessev The Small Telescopes as a Tool in the New Surveys
Ass.Prof.H. Rovithis-Livaniou Observing of Variable Stars
Dr.L.Iliev Essential Photometry
G.Borisov CCD Observations and Data Reduction
Prof.E.Budding Aspects of Photometric Light Curve Analysis
Dr.L.C.Popovic Physical Properties of the AGN Emission Regions
Prof.M.Contadakis Introduction to Electrophotometry,Methods and Data Reduction
Dr.V.Golev and Dr.M.Tsvetkov The Era of the Virtual Astronomy
Prof.M.S.Dimitrijevic Contribution of Amateur Astronomers to Science
Dr.R.Budell Flat Bed Scanner in Astronomy

At the time preparation of this issue of ILBA (end of October 2003) manuscripts are being prepared for publication of the proceedings. This will again have the form of a CD.

News from Serbia-Montenegro

The IAU General Assembly, held last summer in Australia has had some positive news for astronomy in Serbia and Montenegro. Yugoslavia has been a member of IAU from its foundation until the beginning of the tragic political events in Yugoslavia in 1990. This summer Serbia and Montenegro has been re-accepted to the IAU, which will certainly be a boost to all kinds of international collaboration. The director of the Astronomical Observatory in Beograd, Dr.Zoran Knezevic, has been elected secretary of IAU Comission 7,which is the first time ever that someone from Serbia and Montenegro (and Yugoslavia before it) is elected to such a post in the IAU.

Forthcoming meetings

IAU in Belgrade

The re-entry of Serbia and Montenegro in the IAU has had an immediate consequence. IAU Colloquium 197 on "Dynamics of Populations of Planetary Systems" will be held in Belgrade August 31-September 4 2004. Details can be found at ..  

The main organizer and the contact person is Dr.Zoran Knezevic   

The Sun and Climate in Switzerland

The Swiss Society for Astrophysics and Astronomy (SSAA) ( has a world famous series of advanced courses, which it organizes since 1971. The 34th course will be organized in Davos (Switzerland) March 15-20,2004.,and the topic of the course will be " The Sun, Solar Analogs and Climate". Lectures will be given by three experts in the field from the UK and USA. General data on the event are available at the following internet address :

Equations of State and Phase Transitions in Leiden

The Lorentz Center of the Lorentz Institute in Leiden (Holland) organizes a workshop on "Equations of State and Phase-Transition Issues in Models of ordinary Astrophysical Matter". The workshop will be held June 2-June 11 2004 and full details on this event are available at:

An interesting detail about this workshop is that it is co-organized by three people: V.Celebonovic (Belgrade),W.Dappen (USC, Los Angeles, USA) and D.O.Gough (Inst.of Astronomy, Cambridge, UK). The organizers have far formed a list of "top people" from around the world who will give the invited lectures,and the number of younger people interested in this event is slowly growing.


The editors,

Dr Milcho Tsvetkov
Sofia Sky Archive Data Center
72 Tsarigradsko Shosse Blvd.

Sofia 1784 

fax:+359 2 9744 835
Dr Vladan Celebonovic
Institute of Physics
Pregrevica 118
11080 Zemun-Beograd

fax:+381 11 3162190 

(novembar 2003.)

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