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Sadržaj AM




April 29, 2001. 

Dear collegues,
The last issue of ILBA contained two obituaries.This was due to an unfortunate set of local circumstances, but we sincerely hope that events like that will not repeat. Due to the unpredicability  of events in our region, we had to mention a political document issued by our collegues from the University in Skopje.

•  ILBA on the web
•  A summer school
•  News from Bulgaria
•  Some politics (unfortunately)
•  New publications
•  Useful web-sites


ILBA on the web

We mentioned in the last issue of ILBA that negotiations were underway for another web site on which ILBA would  perhaps be posted. Things have been successfully concluded, and you can now find ILBA on: and

A summer school

Our colegues from Ukraina have informed the editors about a summer school which they are organizing later this year. The complete text of the announcement which we have received is inserted below.  


Astronomy and beyond : Astrophysics, Astrochemistry and Astrobiology

(13-18 August, 2001, Odessa, Ukraine)

Organizers :

Astronomy department of Odessa National University EAAS
Odessa Astronomical Society

Scientific Organizing Committee:
V.G. Karetinikov (Odessa), N.G. Bochkarev (Moscow), V.N. Obridko (Moscow),
G.S. Bisnovatyi-Kogan (Moscow), M.S. Dimitrijevic (Belgrade),
Y.V. Pavlenko (Kiev), M.I. Ryabov (Odessa), A. Konovalenko (Kharkov),
T.V. Mishenina (Odessa), I.L. Andronov (Odessa), N.S. Komarov (Odessa),
S.E. Dyatlov (Odessa), B.G. Alexandrov (Odessa)

Local Organizing Committee:
Yu.V. Beletsky, I.A. Egorova, I.V. Chernyshova, L. Shakun

Preliminary list of lectures:
G.S. Bisnovatyi-Kogan (Moscow), "Jets in astrophysics"
M.S. Dimitrijevic (Belgrade), "Stark broadening in astrophysics"
A. Konovalenko (Kharkov), "Ground and space based radiointerferometry. Galactic and extragalactic radiosources study"
V.N. Obridko (Moscow), "Modern conceptions of solar activity"
Y. Pavlenko (Kiev), "Brown dwarfs spectra. Theoretical aspects"
E.B. Vovchik (Lvov), "Ecology of near Space"
B.G. Alexandrov (Odessa), "Astrobiology of water biosystems"
S.E. Dyatlov (Odessa), "Life on the Earth and the cosmic environment's influence on it"
N.G. Bochkarev (Moscow), "Interstellar dust and molecular clouds in Galaxy"
Ryabov M.,I. (Odessa), "Jupiters in planetary systems"
Andronov I.L. (Odessa), "Mathematical modelling of astronomical time series"
Komarov N.S. (Odessa), "Stellar atmospheres"
Halevin A.V. (Odessa), "Telescopes of the 21th century"
Yushenko A. (Odessa), "Gravitational lenses in astrophysics"

General information:
The Second Odessa Astronomical Summer School will be held in English.
The school program will consist of series of coordinated review lectures supplemented by shorter (invited) talks reviewing particular experiments.

Poster presentation:
Poster contributions presenting interesting new developments will be encouraged.
If you wish to present a poster, you have to submit its abstract before
July 1th 2001. 

School's equipment:
Multimedia projector, PC, overhead projector, video, blackboard

Social program:
At the end of each day there will be a lecture in Odessa Planetarium and a party on a beach in fascinating friendly atmosphere under the night starry sky.

Registration fee: 5$

Accommodation package  - 25$ (5 nights on full board basis, dinner) Rooms have been reserved at the "Chernomorka" camp situated on the Black Sea coast.

The camp has football and volleyball grounds, tennis courts, etc. All other social events (City excursions, visiting Tairovo vine institute, recreation and entertainments at Carolino Bugas resort) to be planned.

For more details regarding the school, please contact us :

Summer School
Astronomical Observatory
Odessa, 65014

Phone: +38 0482 250356
Fax: +38 0482 228442


1. Personal information:
Last Name:____________
First Name:_____________
Title (Dr., Prof., Grad. Student, Undergrad. Student, etc.):_____________

Postal address:____________________________________________

Postal code:___________
Fax number:_____________
E-mail address:______________

2. Contribution :
 Would you like to present a contribution ? (YES/NO):______
If YES, please write us the title of your paper:_________________________
And abstract (optional; 200 words maximum):________________________

Please, fill the form and send it to us before July 1th 2001 to :

Thank you ! Looking forward to see you in Odessa !!!


News from Bulgaria 

Beginning april, an astronomical conference was held in Varna (Bulgaria). It was called the XVII conference of young astronomers, and it was organized by the observatory and planetarium in Varna. According to a report by one of the participants (Mr. Marjan Ristevski from the Astronomical Society of Bitola, the conference has been very sucessful. Details can be obtained from him. Another  information  from Bulgaria: the proceedings of the meeting in Belogradchik are nearing completition, and according to plans the book should appear in May. 

Some politics (unfortunately)

All of  you know, at least to some extent, that political and military troubles have errupted in the F.Y.R.  of Macedonia. Our collegues from the University in Skopje have sent us an analysis of events in their country which is, at the same time, an appeal to the world community. Due to its length, we will not reproduce it here, but those interested can obtain it either from dr Gordana Apostolovska in Skopje at:  or from the editors.

New publications

A series of new publications by dr Zoran Knezevic and dr Luka Popovic can be accessed at the web site of the Astronomical Observatory in Belgrade. Take a look at  

Useful web-sites

The Macedonian Astronomical Society has a home page at the address: 

A minor comment which the editors have is that it could perhaps be updated more often. The active amateur group from the city of Valjevo in central Serbia has several web-sites:

The first url is a general presentation of their group, the second one contains definitive results from the solar eclipse of 1999, and the third one is devoted to  results of their work in ethnoastronomy. All three merit to be visited.

Good luck in  your life and work to all, and do not forget to inform us about your results and plans - that is the only way to keep ILBA going (of course,assuming that you find it useful).

The editors,

dr Milcho Tsvetkov                                 Vladan Celebonovic
Sofia Sky Archive Data Center                Institute of Physics
72 Tsarigradsko Shosse Blvd.                 Pregrevica 118
Sofia 1784                                             11080 Zemun-Beograd
Bulgaria                                                Yugoslavia                 
fax:+359 2 9744 835                              fax:+381 11 3162190