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Sadržaj AM





April 10, 2002.


Dear collegues,

As you will notice, our newsletter has survived to its tenth issue. The editors hope that you find it interesting and useful, and will continue to do their best in order to make it even more so. Of course, our old proposal remains valid: any kind of comments, questions and proposals which you may have are welcome. You are kindly invited to send them to both (or one of) editors. In this issue we have three announcements. One concerns a very interesting project developed in Bulgaria, and the others are devoted to forthcoming meetings in Ukraina and Yugoslavia.


Stargazer is a web based project for generating starmaps, developed by our colegue Rumen Bogdanovski. It can be accessed at the following address:

In Bulgaria it is used by professional and amateur astronomers. The editors of ILBA have tested it on various examples, and think that Stargazer deserves all the compliments.


The 9th Open Young Scientists Conference on Astronomy and Space Physics will be held in about two weeks in Kyiv in Ukraine. Although this issue of ILBA is a little late due to technical problems, you find below the text of the second announcement of this conference "as is" (as it was released by the organizers).

9-th Open Young Scientists Conference on Astronomy and Space Physics

April 23-26, 2002

Kyiv, Ukraine

Conferences for young scientists are held traditionally at Kyiv Shevchenko University for many years. This was achieved through the efforts of Student Science Association of Kyiv Shevchenko University. The opportunity to invite more students to our Conference is very pleasant to us. The conference is supported by the Astronomy and Space Physics Department.


Kyiv - the capital of Ukraine is especially nice in spring when the chestnut trees blossom.

Kyiv is the oldest and most charming cities of Europe. Kyiv is known for its attractive parks and famous main boulevard, Khreshchatik street. The central area of the city lies on the hilly western bank of the Dnieper. There, buildings dating from the Middle Ages of the present stand near each other. Landmarks of Kyiv include St. Sophia's cathedral and The Golden Gate of Yaroslav the Wise, both completed in 1037. The Monastery of the Caves, which has a network of catacombs (underground buried tunnels), also dates from Middle Ages. The Mariinsky Palace and the Church of St. Andrew, both built during the mid-1700's, are important examples of the architecture of that period. During the past years Kyiv regenerated. Main streets and squares were reconstructed and new attractive monuments were building. And now Kyiv is wonderful as never been!

More complete information about our city you can find at: 



Astronomy, astrophysics, radioastronomy, solar physics, physics of the near space, geophysics, plasma physics or related to the mentioned above.



The aim of the Open Young Scientists Conference is to provide young scientists and students the possibility to communicate and present their scientific work. The other important goal is to promote international collaboration among young scientists and students in astronomy and space physics.



Young Scientists' Conferences were held in 1994-2001 in Kyiv Shevchenko University. Participants from Ukraine, Russia, Georgia, Poland, France, Sweden, Germany and another countries took part in the Conferences. Leading researchers read lectures on actual questions of modern science.


Working languages:

English, Ukrainian, Russian. Bilingual (English & Ukrainian/Russian) transparencies and figures are strongly advised, especially if the presentation is in Ukrainian/Russian. English abstract is desirable.


The organizing committee can provide rooms

for nonresident conference participants in University hotel (It is necessary

to order your room in advance).


Organizing committee:

Tatiana Shumakova (chairman),;

Nadia Myhalchuk,;

Oleg Gotynyan,;

Volodymyr Reshetnyk ,;

Volodymyr Martiushov,;

Oksana Gorgota,;

Anatoliy Tugay,;



YSC9, POBox 7, Kyiv 22, 03022 Ukraine
Phone: +(380) 44-266-44-57
Fax: +(380) 44-266-45-07

In order to participate please fill the registration form, or visit our web-site and register there.


Last name_______________________________

First name______________________________

Title(Mr., Ms., etc)____________________


City, post code_________________________





Phone (if available)____________________

Fax (if available)______________________

Title of report (please send an abstract by e-mail)




Please complete and return this form and abstract

BEFORE April 3, 2002 to our e-mail address.

The abstract should contain the following parts:

Title (required!)

Author(s) (required!)

Address of the institution (required!)

Footnotes with the coauthors institution address (if different)

E-mail address

Body text (required!)



We look forward to see you in Kiev!!!



Preparations for the SPIG conference, to be held during the summer, are well under way. For those of you who may be interested, included below is the text of the Second announcement, released by the organizers at the beginning of April.

*** SPIG 2002 - 2nd Announcement ***

Dear Colleague,

21st Summer School and International Symposium on the Physics of Ionized Gases (SPIG) will be held in the well-known spa resort Sokobanja in Serbia, Yugoslavia, August 26-30, 2002. The Conference is organized by the Department of Physics, Faculty of Sciences and Mathematics, University of Nis.

THE CONFERENCE PROGRAMME consists of Invited lectures, Topical Invited lectures, Progress reports and Contributed papers (oral and poster session).



1.1. Electron and Photon Interactions with Atomic Particles

1.2. Heavy Particle Collisions

1.3. Swarms and Transport Phenomena


2.1. Atomic Collisions in Solids

2.2. Sputtering and Deposition

2.3. Laser and Plasma Interaction with Surfaces


3.1. Plasma Spectroscopy and Other Diagnostics Methods

3.2. Gas Discharges

3.3. Plasma Applications and Devices


4.1. Fusion Plasmas

4.2. Astrophysical Plasmas

4.3. Collective Phenomena

THE 4-pages CONTRIBUTED PAPERS should be submitted in a camera-ready form according to the instructions that could be found in the SPIG homepage.


Each participant submitting a contributed paper is kindly asked to indicate whether he prefers presenting the paper in oral or poster session. Contributed papers will be refereed and the final selection will be made by the Scientific Committee. Participants will get the information about the decision along with the Third Announcement (end of June 2002).

THE REGISTRATION FEE will include the cost of admission, the Conference Proceedings and the Book of Invited Lectures. Regular conference fee will be EUR 100, while full time students will be charged EUR 50. Accompanying persons should pay full accommodation expenses as well as the registration fee of EUR 20 which covers reception cocktail, conference dinner, excursion and other social activities. The registration fee will be payable in cash (in YUD, EUR or any other convertible currency) at the conference desk during the SPIG.

THE THIRD ANNOUNCEMENT with all necessary details about the conference programme, travel and accommodation will be sent to those who register themselves by sending the attached Registration form, by submitting the on-line registration form through the SPIG-2002 homepage or by e-mail. Please register yourself as soon as possible.

ACCOMMODATION for all participants will be provided in the "Zdravljak" hotel in Sokobanja, where all the conference activities are organized as well. The hotel is equipped with swimming pool, sauna room, bowling halls, sport grounds and other usual hotel facilities. The cost of daily board and lodging will range from 15 to 25 EUR per person, depending on the room type. The information about the exact accommodation prices and payment methods will be available on the SPIG homepage soon.

INVITED SPEAKERS (confirmed so far):

M. Allan (Switzerland): "Recent electron-molecule collision experiments"

V. Astashinskii (Belarus): "Plasma Dynamic Processes Accompanying High Energy Compression Flows Interaction with Surfaces"

W. Bolse (Germany): "Atomic transport in swift heavy ion tracks"

S. Buckmann (Australia): "Atomic Physics Research with Laser-Cooled Metastable Helium Atoms"

V. Cadez (Belgium): "Space Weather: Solar activity and its affects on the Earth"

S. Dhar (Germany): "Ion-beam induced reactions in Fe/Si bilayers"

M. Gigosos (Spain): "Computer simulated hydrogen line profiles for non equilibrium plasma diagnostics"

K. Homewood (UK): "Ion Beam Engineered Silicon Light Emitting Diodes"

P. Krstic (USA): "Nearly-Adiabatic Atomic Physics: Methods - Data - Devices"

T. Makabe (Japan): "Introduction to VicAddress Vertically integrated CAD for device processing"

A. Maquet (France): "Atomic response to intense and ultra-intense laser pulses"

E. Mediavilla (Spain)

H. Nagatomo (Japan): "Computational Simulation for Laser Fusion in ILE Osaka"

M. Okamoto (Japan): "Transport and Radial Electric Field in Torus Plasmas"

S. Raikov (Belarus): "Intracavity Laser Spectroscopy of Laser Ablation Plasma" P. Schaaf (Germany): "Reactive surface modifications by laser beams with and without employing a plasma"

I. Serruys (France)

G. Shao (China): "Transmission electron microscopy of ion beam synthesized semiconducting tin films"

M. Tanaka (Japan): "Experimental Study on Vortex Formation in Plasmas"

H. Thomas (Germany): "Plasma-induced finishing of textile fibres"

S. Vladimirov (Australia): "Collective and dynamic phenomena in complex plasmas"

R. Webb (UK)


N.Bibic (Chair-person), T. Grozdanov (Vice-chairman), S. Buckman, K. Lieb, M. Dimitrijevic, T. Makabe, S. Djurovic, G. Malovic, M. Kuraica, N. Nedeljkovic, Lj. Hadzievski, M. Radovic, J. Jureta, J. Vranjes.


M. Radovic (Chairman), D. Dimitrijevic (Secretary), D. Gajic, I. Mancev, M. Jovanovic, N. Novakovic, J. Karamarkovic, M. Pejovic, A. Maluckov.

If you are interested to participate in the 21st SPIG please contact the following address:

SPIG - 2002

Department of Physics

Faculty of Sciences and Mathematics

P.O. Box 224

18001 Nis


Clear skies and speedy computers to all,

The editors,


The editors,

Dr Milcho Tsvetkov
Sofia Sky Archive Data Center
72 Tsarigradsko Shosse Blvd.

Sofia 1784 

fax:+359 2 9744 835
Dr Vladan Celebonovic
Institute of Physics
Pregrevica 118
11080 Zemun-Beograd

fax:+381 11 3162190 

(april 2002.)

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