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Sadržaj AM




December 30th, 2000.     

Dear Collegues,

The zeroth issue of our nesletter has "gone out" some time ago. We admit that the reactions have not been as numerous as we had hoped,but the point is that they were all positive.Please,do not be "lazy" - the invitation is open and will remain so for all of you to tell us your opinions and proposals. Finally,the whole idea of ILBA is to make something useful, accessible to all of us and short.We hope that the material which we managed to accumulate in this issue will be sufficiently interesting so as to motivate you to react and send us your comments but also accounts of your results and plans.   


the web site  

First,some practical news. A wish was expressed during the meeting in Belogradchik that,apart from an  electronic information letter on Balkan astronomy, a web page on the same subject should be set up.Well,it has been done.Issues od ILBA are now on the web,in Canada,at the address They will be posted there probably until next spring or summer,so  we should all be thinking about finding a new host.This web site belongs to my friend,Mr.Michael Boschat who is a very active amateur astronomer.His speciality is hunting of sun-grazing comets on photos taken by the SOHO satellite.As far as I know,he has so far discovered  22 of them!


Another practical information concerns the recent passages of the Leonid and Geminid meteor streams.The Leonids passed on November 17,and organized observation was attempted at two locations near the city of Valjevo in Serbia. In all, about 50 observers with differing experience took part. A quantitative result is that the ZHR (Zenithal Hourly Rate) was 260+/-40 on November 17 at 4:30 UT.Those of you who are  interested in detail can contact Mr. Nikola Bozic, at contact is Mr. Branislav Savic at The Geminids passed on December 12-16.Again,observation was performed near the city of Valjevo.The sky was variable and the estimated ZHR was: around 45 on the night of 12-13 December 

around 110 on the night of 13-14 December.

One of the observers saw 76 meteors in 5 hours of effective observation, and the maximal apparent magnitude was - 5. The contact addresses are the same as for the Leonids.


According  to avaliable information, two meetings are being planned, in Romania and in Greece. 

The meeting in Romania has a provisional title "The Sun viewed from the South-Eastern
Europe". It is planned for April 24-28 2001., in the Astronomical Institute of the Romanian Academy in Bucharest. The deadline for the submission of titles of presentations is January 31,2001. It is predicted that the meeting will be financed by contracts of cooperation between the Academies of various countries. 

For details,contact Dr. Georgeta Maris ( or Dr. Magda Stavinschi ( at the Astronomical Institute of the Romanian Academy. A fax number for contact is +401 337 33 89 .

The second meeting for which we have information will be the 5th Hellenic Astronomical
Conference. It  will be organized on Crete September 20-22,2001.At the time of this writing not much details are known,but those interested can contact Dr. J. Ventura ( or visit the conference web site at conference is aiming primarily at space scientists from the Balkan countries, but everyone interested is wellcome to inquire for details.


The main idea of ILBA is that we stay mutually informed about our ongoing work as well as about the plans for future research activities. In the following you will find a list of selected references to some papers published by astronomers and physicists from the Balkan countries. We deliberately say "some" because this list is certainly not the complete output of our countries in astronomy and related physics, but it was compiled from the data which you have sent. So, please, react, send us your results, and we shall through ILBA diffuse them further. In the following you will find a list of references to papers by authors from the Balkan countries:

1.      M. M. Cirkovic and S. Samurovic: Column Density Distribution of  Galactic  Ly alpha Absorption Systems; 
        Astrophys.Space Sci.,vol.271,p.91 (2000). (contact M.M.Cirkovic at : arioch@eunet.yu)
2.      M. M. Cirkovic and K. M. Lanzetta: On the Small-Scale Clustering of Lyman alpha Forest Clouds;
        Mon. Not. Roy. Astr. Soc., vol.315,p.473 (2000)
3.      M. M. Cirkovic: Kinematics of a High-Redshift Galaxy:A Case Study;
        Serbian Astronomical Journal,vol.161,p.5 .
4.      M. M. Cirkovic, S. Samurovic and V. Milosevic-Zdjelar: QSO Absorption Lines,Gaseous Infall and Star
        Formation in Spiral Disks;
        Contributed paper to the International meeting on "Galaxy Disks and Disk Galaxies",Rome (Italy)
        June 12-16 2000.
5.      M. M. Cirkovic and N. Bostrom: Cosmological Constant and the Final Anthropic Hypothesis; in press,
        preprint gr-qc/9906042.
6.      D. P. Kirilova and M. V. Chizhov: Cosmological nucleosynthesis and active-sterile neutrino oscillations
        with small mass differences:the resonant case
        Nuclear Physics,vol.B591,p.457 (2000). (contact Daniela Kirilova at:
7.      D. P. Kirilova: BBN and COsmological constraints on neutrino oscillation parameters;
        presented at the workshop "Hot points in astrophysics",Dubna (Russia),August 2000.   
8.      L. C. Popovic, N. Stanic, A. Kubicela and E. Bon: The Structure of the Akn 120 Emitting Region:
        The Line Shapes and the Long-Term variability of the H-beta line profile
        to appear in Astronomy and Astrophysics (contact L. C. Popovic at:
9.      L. C. Popovic, E. Mediavilla and R. Pavlovic: Can double-peaked lines indicate merging effects in AGNs?
        to appear in Serb.Astron.J
10.     V. Celebonovic: Semiclassical planetology:some results (contact V.Celebonovic
        Publ. Astron. Obs. Belgrade, vol.67, p. 19 (2000). (preprint astro-ph/0005117)
11.     V.Celebonovic: Predicting phase transition pressure in solids: a semiclassical possibility
        High Pressure Research,vol.17,p.363 (2000).
12.     V. Celebonovic and W. Dappen: The plasma-solid transition:two simple examples
        presented at the 20th SPIG Conference,Zlatibor,September 2000,and published in the proceedings
        preprint astro-ph/0007337. 


A few words are in order about the plans of some of us for the future. 

Dr. Daniela Kirilova from the Institute of Astronomy of the Bulgarian Academy of  Sciences in Sofia is working on "Nonequilibrium porcesses in the early Universe". She is open to proposals for collaboration by anyone interested. The logical prerequisites are knowledge of theoretical physics and astrophysics. The e-mail of Dr.Kirilova is:

Dr. Luka C. Popovic from the Astronomical Observatory in Belgrade and collaborators are working in two domains: active galaxies and Stark broadening of spectral lines. Both of these are wide, so there is ample room for contacts and collaborations. If you are interested, contact Dr.Popovic at 

Dr. Milan M. Cirkovic has three projects for the future:
        - QSO Absorption Lines and the Gaseous Content of Normal Galaxies
        - Gravitational Microlensing,MACHOs and Galactic Dynamics
        - Duration of the stelliferous epoch and the anthropic principle
Dr. Cirkovic is open for contacts, discussions and collaborations.
        V. Celebonovic from the Institute of Physics in Belgrade is working in the field of phase transitions in dense matter, with applications in astrophysics. Anyone interested is wellcome to  contact him at or vcelebonovic@sezampro.yu


This is certainly the last issue of ILBA in this century and millenium.The editors hope that your interest in it will continue to grow,and that it will help us in the Balkans to stay in contact,and to show to those outside what is going on here in the domain of space research. 

Merry Christmass and Happy New Year to all, 

Looking forward to her from you,
The "initiating editors":

Dr.Milcho Tsvetkov                               Vladan Celebonovic
Sofia Sky Archive Data Center                    Institute of Physics
72 Tsarigradsko Shosse Blvd.                     Pregrevica 118
Sofia 1784                                       11080 Zemun-Beograd
Bulgaria                                         Yugoslavia                  
tel: +359 2 9744 835                             fax: +381 11 3162190