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Sadržaj AM



 December 15, 2002
 Number  15


Dear collegues,

This issue of ILBA contains reports of several events related to space science in our region. In Ukraina, a Conference of young scientists on Astronomy and Space Physics is being prepared for April 2003. In October of next year a conference of Spectral Line Shapes will be held in Arandjelovac (Serbia,Yugoslavia). Finally, a “discussion weekend” of astronomers and physic-cists from Bulgaria, Romania and Serbia was held December 6-8 on the Astronomical Observatory in Belogradchik (Bulgaria).


The announcement of this event is reproduced below as it was received from the organizers.

From: <>  
To: <vcelebonovic@sezampro.yu>  
Subject: First Announcement
Date: Thursday, December 05, 2002 4:34 PM


10-th Open Young Scientists Conference
on Astronomy and Space Physics

April 22-26, 2003
Kyiv, Ukraine  


Conferences for young scientists are held traditionally at Kyiv Shevchenko University for many years. Leading scientists in the field of astronomy and space physics, researchers, post-graduate students, lecturers, students all over the world can participate in Young Scientists Conference. This was achieved through the efforts of Student Science Association and initiative students of Kiev Shevchenko University. Now we have tenth anniversary of the Conference. The opportunity to invite more young scientists to our Conference is very pleasant to us. The conference is supported by the Astronomy and Space Physics Dept.



The aim of the Open Young Scientists Conference is to provide young scientists and students the possibility to communicate and present their scientific work. The other important goal is to promote international collaboration among young scientists in astronomy and space physics. Location:

Kyiv - the capital of Ukraine is very nice in spring. Kyiv is the oldest and most charming cities of Europe. Kyiv is known for its attractive parks and famous main boulevard, Khreshchatik street. The central area of the city lies on the hilly western bank of the Dnieper.There, buildings dating from the Middle Ages of the present stand near each other. Landmarks of Kyiv include St. Sophia's cathedral and The Golden Gate of Yaroslav the Wise, both completed in 1037. The Monastery of the Caves, which has a network of catacombs (underground buried tunnels), also dates from Middle Ages. The Mariinsky Palace and the Church of St. Andrew, both built during the mid-1700's, are important examples of the architecture of that period. During the past years Kyiv regenerated. Main streets and squares were reconstructed and new attractive monuments were building. And now Kyiv is wonderful as never been!

More complete information about our city you can find at:  


Astronomy, astrophysics, astrometry, radio-astronomy, solar physics, physics of the near space, geophysics, plasma physics, cosmology or related to the mentioned above.


Working languages:
English, Ukrainian, Russian, Bilingual (English & Ukrainian/Russian) transparencies and figures are strongly advised, specially if the presentation is in Ukrainian/Russian. Main language of YSC&#8217;10 is English. English reports and abstract is desirable.


Student Science Association and initiative students of Kyiv National Shevchenko University organized Young Scientists Conference on Astronomy and Space Physics. The first meeting was held as an internal conference in 1994 on the base of Physics faculty of Kyiv National Shevchenko University. Since 1996 conference is opened for young scientists from universities and scientific institutions around the world. During 1994-2002 participants from Ukraine, Russia, Georgia, Poland, France, Sweden, Germany, Egypt and another countries took part in Young Scientists Conference. Leading researchers read lectures on actual questions of modern science.

And now we have tenth anniversary of Young Scientists Conference on Astronomy and Space Physics.


Conference meeting:

During the Conference each participant should present shorter report (10 minutes).Besides the students' reports, invited lectures by the leading Ukrainian and foreign scientists are planned.

The conference meeting is divided into the different sessions in accordance with their topics and it consists of the thematic invited lectures and shorter reports of the young scientists.

Conference program include the excursions to Main Astronomical Observatory of NASU, Kyiv Astronomical Observatory of National Shevchenko University and Kyiv Planetarium, excursion by the city and reception.

In order to participate in the conference it is necessary to submit information on yourself (name, address, institution, affiliation, etc.) along with a short abstract of the paper you would like to present.

You should send abstract of your report in *.rtf or *.txt formats before March, 31, 2003.We'll publish it in the Book of Abstracts. Abstracts that will be sent after this date will not be included into the Book of Abstracts.Please, send abstracts in English.


Local organizing committee:

Tatiana Shumakova (chairman),;
Nadia Mykhal'chuk,;  
Volodymyr Reshetnyk ,;  
Oleg Gotynyan,;  
Volodymyr Martiushov,;  
Anna Ivashchenko,  


YSC10, POBox 7, Kyiv-22, 03022 Ukraine  
Phone: +(380) 44-266-44-57  
Fax: +(380) 44-266-45-07


In order to participate please fill the registration form, or visit our web-site and register there.


Last name_______________________________

First name______________________________

Title(Mr., Ms., etc)____________________


City, post code_________________________





Phone (if available)____________________

Fax (if available)______________________

Title of report (please send an abstract by e-mail)




Please complete and return this form and abstract BEFORE April 3, 2002 to our e-mail address.

The abstract should contain the following parts:

Title (required!)
Author(s) (required!)
Address of the institution (required!)
Footnotes with the coauthors institution address (if different)
E-mail address
Body text (required!)


We look forward to see you in Kiev!!!



The series of conferences on this subject was started some years ago,and the one just announced will be the fourth in the series.Details are included in the announcement given below,which is reproduced as received from the organizers.

F I R S T  A N N O U C M E N T


4th Serbian Conference on Spectral Lines Shapes (IV SCSLS) 10-15 October 2003, Arandjelovac, Serbia

Scientific Organizing Committee:
Milan Dimitrijevic (Co-chairman, Astronomical Observatory, Belgrade)
Luka Popovic (Co-chairman, Astronomical Observatory, Belgrade)
Stevica Djurovic (Faculty of Science, Novi Sad)
Milivoje Cuk (Faculty of Physics, Belgrade)
Nikola Konjevic (Faculty of Physics, Belgrade)
Jagos Puric (Faculty of Physics, Belgrade)
Bozidar Vujicic (Faculty of Science, Novi Sad)

Local Organizing Committee:
Milan Dimitrijevic (Chairman, Astronomical Observatory, Belgrade)
Edi Bon (Astronomical Observatory, Belgrade)
Zorica Cvetkovic (Astronomical Observatory, Belgrade)
Miodrag Dacic (Astronomical Observatory, Belgrade)
Predrag Jovanovic (Astronomical Observatory, Belgrade)
Nenad Milovanovic (Astronomical Observatory, Belgrade)
Luka Popovic (Astronomical Observatory, Belgrade)
Zoran Simic (Astronomical Observatory, Belgrade)
Natasa Stanic (Astronomical Observatory, Belgrade)

IV SCSLS will be held in Arandjelovac, Serbia, 10-15 October 2003.Conference fees are 50 Euros (1.500 dinars for fellows of institutions organizers) which include the conference proceedings book, conference dinner and excursion expenses.

The official language of the conference is English. Titles of contributed papers with an abstract of up to 100 words should be send before December 20, 2002 with a filled preregistration form to the E-mail address: or by ordinary mail to

Nenad Milovanovic
Astronomical Observatory
Volgina 7
11000 Belgrade
tel. +381 11 419357 loc. 127
fax. +381 11 419553

Scientific Organizing Committee will send confirmation of acceptance of contributed paper on 15. January 2003. Deadline for submission of accepted contributed papers and extended abstracts of invited lectures is 1. March 2003.

Maximum number of pages for contributed papers is 4 and for extended abstracts of invited lectures 2 pages.

The conference will be held in hotel "Izvor" in Arandjelovac,(Serbia) around 80 km south of Belgrade. Preliminary accommodation fees are 1.310 dinars (22 Euros) full board in 1/2 room and 1.580 dinars (27 Euros) in 1/1 room. Large number of citizens in Arandjelovac offer private rooms for tourists at very acceptable prices.

On the internet address you can find all information and download macros needed for the preparation of papers.

We hope to see you at Conference.


Preregistration Form





Room reservation in hotel "Izvor": ___ persons in double _ or single _ room.

Date of arrival: __________. Date of departure: __________.

Titles of contributions with up to 100 words per contribution abstract:















At the kind invitation of our colegues from the Astronomical Observatory in Belogradchik (Bulgaria) a “discussion meeting” was organized on December 6-8,2002. There were 10 people from three countries: K.Panov,R.Konstan-

tinova-Antova, A.Antov, M.Tsvetkov, L.Ilyev and R.Bogdanovski from Bulga-ria,M.Stawinska from Romania and M.S.Dimitrijevic,L.C.Popovic and V.Celebonovic from Yugoslavia. The topic were the possibilities of collaboration among various countries of the region and with the rest of the world. The conclusions are:

The next Balkan Astronomical Meeting will be organized next year,in the last days of September and perhaps in the first 1-2 days of October.It will take place in Bulgaria,as close as possible to Rozen Observatory. The exact composition of the Scientific and Local Organizing Comitees will be decided by consultations through e-mail.At the invitation of K.Panov,it is very probable that SOC+LOC will meet again in June to finalize the details of the preparations.

In order to boost serious amateur work,and to show that useful work and collaboration can be organized in our region,a practical proposal was made by V.Celebonovic.The idea is to organize a “competition” for as serious as possible research projects in astronomy.The conditions will be that the proposals are observational,and that they can be realized in one week (or less).They will have to be justified (as seriously as possible).An international jury will be set-up (consisting of 1-2 persons from each of the countries involved),and the authors of the best projects will be rewarded by the offer to realize their plans by actually observing from Belogradchik. Practical details of this plan are currently being worked out,and will be reported as soon as they are finalized.

Clear skies and speedy computers to all,


The editors,

Dr Milcho Tsvetkov
Sofia Sky Archive Data Center
72 Tsarigradsko Shosse Blvd.

Sofia 1784 

fax:+359 2 9744 835
Dr Vladan Celebonovic
Institute of Physics
Pregrevica 118
11080 Zemun-Beograd

fax:+381 11 3162190 

(septemba 2002.)


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